OBNUBIL creates apparel and accessories inspired by the occult, the beauty of the dark, of the forbidden, of rare and persecuted. Our colour is black, as it has been throughout history for all the oppressed and outlaws. A colour that is both the absence and the sum of all the others. Science, knowledge, geometry, anatomy, nature, myths and rituals, all that has been persecuted throughout history is the basis of our belief and our inspiration.

As well as those who wanted to explore and know the limits of science and the human mind were associated and met in secret, OBNUBIL unites all those who share the same concerns and whose attitude to life is strange, or at least unusual. A brotherhood of knowledge and taste for hidden and forbidden, a brotherhood that identifies among others in secret, a molded in blackness community.

As they were persecuted, they were feared.

Honor the oath.

Fear the omen.