August 2017

Eternal Storm is a Melodic Extreme Metal band from Madrid, Spain, that was created in late 2006 under the name of Death Valley by Kheryon (vocals) and Tephros (drums, ex-Beneath Your Fears). One of the most interesting bands right now in town, their music remind us to some of the most brilliant names of the mid-nineties, when this genre was in its rise and apogee. Although, for now, the guys only have one EP called "From The Ashes" and one Single called "The Great Wings of Silence" for the fifth split of the Elemental Nightmares project where they appear together with bands like Kaos Vortex (Germany), Will of the Ancients (Canada) and Stortregn (Switzerland). But the first debut full length album is coming up very soon and we are awaiting it full of enthusiasm. Keep their name, we think we will hear more from them in the future!

 NUBIL • The Covenant • Eternal Storm


OBNUBIL: Could you give us a bit of background about you, your education and your work? What originally made you want to become a bassist/vocalist?

KHERYON: I began my musical career as a death metal singer, mostly influenced by vocalists such as Glen Benton, Peter Tägtgren and Jeff Walker. At the age of 17 I started to play bass, so I decided to combine both things simultaneously. It was quite a challenge at first, but now I love it.

OBNUBIL: What have been the three most influential albums in your musical career, whether as an artist or as a listener? Why those and not others?

KHERYON: That is a veeeery difficult question. I would probably choose Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill", Septicflesh's "Sumerian Daemons" and Ghost Brigade's "Isolation Songs". The first one was the first "extreme" metal album I ever heard, the second one is my favourite album of all time and the third one is probably the most emotional album I heard in my life

OBNUBIL: How did Eternal Storm start? Have there been many changes in members since the beginning? If so, how did this affect to the band’s evolution?

KHERYON: Eternal Storm was born from the ashes of Death Valley and even though we had different drummers over the years, the band’s core always included Daniel, Jaime and me, so our sound has evolved in a natural way. A couple of years ago Mateo joined the band and we couldn’t be happier with him: despite his young age, he’s a really great drummer with a great taste and we have really clicked both on a musical and personal level and we feel that has really strengthened the band.

OBNUBIL: How would you describe your band Eternal Storm? Where does the name came from? At the beginning the band was called “Death Valley”. Why did you change the name? Was it a musical issue, a problem with the denomination or because they have not identified with the name?

KHERYON: The name "Eternal Storm" comes from a brainstorming afternoon with Daniel and Jaime at the latter’s place, because we grew tired of our old band name (and we also changed our style, there were many bands using it at the same time etc) and back then in 2009, we still hadn’t released any music of played any shows yet, so it wasn’t like we were missing anything by changing the name. Probably "Eternal Storm" is not the best name out there and nowadays we see it as the typical cheesy melodeath band name, but it's part of our history and by now it’s too late to change it, we’ve been playing shows for seven years and released some music so we’ll have to live with it, haha.

 NUBIL • The Covenant • Eternal Storm

OBNUBIL: You guys are from Madrid. How would you describe your city and the music scene over there? Do you see a difference between death metal made in Spain in comparison with northern European countries?

KHERYON: Metal-wise, I think Spain is now in its best moment: There are awesome bands in great labels, we have big music festivals and many people are forgetting their vision of "if the band is Spanish, it can’t be good", but there's still a lot of work to do yet. In comparison to other countries, and if we talk about "pure" death metal (not deathcore or other fusion genres) there's a special taste for the old school sound, there are a bunch of new bands playing a riff-based death metal that makes you want to destroy your neck headbanging to it. But I wouldn't say there's a "Spanish sound", so to speak. All bands sound pretty different on their own and there aren't any common traits, unlike in the past when we talked about the "Gothemburg school" or the "True Norwegian black metal".

OBNUBIL: Is there something you are currently fascinated by? Any special inspiration? How is it feeding into your compositions? Specially when it comes to your upcoming first debut full length album.

KHERYON: Well, Jaime writes all music, or at least the 95% of it. But some of the lyrics are written by me. The inspiration, in that case, usually comes from personal experiences, personal thoughts, memories... I try to use lots of metaphors, maybe because I'm strongly influenced by Vorph from Samael and writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, in the sense that I try to connect everything with a cosmic/nature perspective. In "From the Ashes", if you read the lyrics of “The Dream” and “Eternity Forgotten”, you can see that influence, but you must read between lines to get the real meaning of the song and the lyrics.

OBNUBIL: By the way, could you tell us about this first debut full length album? We have read that you recently mixed at Sandman Studios and that Tony Lindgren will be in charge of mastering the album at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. We can hear his amazing work on the most recent albums by Enslaved, Leprous, In Vain, Kreator and many others.

KHERYON: Yes! I think it's going to leave a great impact in everyone who listens to it. It's going to sound much better than anything we released before it, and well... let’s say it's musically more ambitious. Also, the vocal work is way more brutal than in the past releases.

OBNUBIL: How was the recording and songwriting process?

KHERYON: Most of the music is written by Jaime, usually he sends us demos of the tracks and then we all work on the arrangements and, throughout that process, Jaime writes the lyrics or he delegates it on me. However, there was one track on the new album which was written in the opposite way, first the lyrics and then the music. The recording process was quite a long and intense process, specially tracking the guitars, there was a lot of work there with many layers and nuances, so it took a few more days than we expected, but the result is incredible, trust me!

OBNUBIL: What do you think sets you apart from other bands or that makes you stand out? A special sound or riff maybe?

KHERYON: I think that what makes us different is that we have lots of different influences in our music and we have been able to create our own sound. Anyone who listens to the new album will notice that. You can feel some doom metal influences, classic heavy metal, death metal, black metal influence... but the whole album sounds like Eternal Storm. Also we focus a lot of energy in the lyrics and the feeling of the song, we don't want to make empty songs with empty lyrics or a "blood/metal/violence/satan/badass" theme. We create music to make people feel what we feel. In the end, it's all about creating a mood, so to speak.

OBNUBIL: How would you describe the evolution of the band since your first EP “From the Ashes” back in 2013 or “Elemental Nightmares” in 2014?

KHERYON: We are more open-minded now. We listen to more music and we have more things to tell through our music. We are now more complete as human beings and as musicians. Our music is now stronger, more complex and more mature than ever before.

OBNUBIL: What is your current gear?

KHERYON: At this moment I play a Washburn T-12 and a Tech 21 Bass Driver D.I., but I'll change my gear soon.

OBNUBIL: What was your best live experience? Any funny anecdote?

KHERYON: My best live experience was at Kanekas Fest in Cangas de Morrazo, Galicia, and also playing in Murcia with Wolfheart. Both crowds were fucking amazing! When you play for such passionate people it's amazing because you can feel the energy on stage and it makes things easier and more enjoyable for the band. Also playing at the main stage at SWR Barroselas in Portugal was quite amazing, it’s the biggest stage we’ve played so far.

OBNUBIL: With what bands have you shared the stage so far?

KHERYON: Uf, lots of bands!! Hahahah but to say some... Some of the most well-known bands we’ve shared the stage with are Moonspell, Leprous, Septicflesh, Wolfheart, Lock Up, The Black Dahlia Murder or Stormlord... We also played with many amazing local bands who are like brothers to us: As My World Burns, Tromort, Nami, Teething, Moonloop…

OBNUBIL: After releasing your upcoming album, what are your plans? Where would you love to see your band in a near future? Is there any special place you would love to get to play at?

KHERYON: Conquering the world hahahahha nah, seriously. It would be amazing to tour Europe, and visit countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium or Netherlands were we have some good fans who have been following us and our music since so many years. It would also be great to play in some summer festivals, that would be a dream come true. But there are other priorities at this moment, so we must stay focused in what is important right now, and that's the release of the new LP.

OBNUBIL: Thank you so much for taking your time answering our questions and for giving us more information about you! Is there anything that you would like to say to the readers of The Covenant and to your fans?

KHERYON: Thank you for this interview! To the readers and the fans, keep alert to the news in our Facebook and Instagram, because big things are coming! In the meantime, listen to our previous stuff at our Bandcamp.


Photo taken by Juan Antonio Seves & Victoria Durán..

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