Obnubil Studio

Looking for artwork or design services for your metal band? From custom album artwork services to promo and live photography, we are here to help you look as powerful as you sound!

We are a creative design studio specialized in art for metal bands and musicians, festivals and record labels worldwide.

We aren’t just a design studio that works with musicians, we are actually passionate metal music lovers at heart who wanted to combine three passions: music, design & photography. It has been a natural move for us because metal music and creative work have been an essential part of our lives for years. So we just decided to put them together!

Artwork for your new single, EP, or Album is vital for the project’s success. In order to distribute your project, you will absolutely need the right artwork. We aim to deliver Artwork Design that will fit your overall brand but match the frequency and vibe of your new release. We always deliver the highest quality files and if you have specific instructions, we can handle it for you. We make sure you can share your artwork online but we also deliver the quality you need to print your artwork.

Check out our work on our INSTAGRAM